Tommy Gun Catalog Auction

About Us

I started doing Thompson Only catalog sales a few years ago (I was interrupted by Covid) and they were a basic first come first serve catalog of items which was emailed out to anyone interested in items. It worked well a few times but a few issues began to arise so I have decide to make them into a full auction format that runs for a full week on each auction. By the end of 2022 or for certain by 2023 I will be in a position to have full live guns go through the auction,
for the next few it will be everything less live guns.

I have been in the gun business for many years on a part time basis. I have bought and sold just about every type of small arms you can imagine from pistols to mortars and everything in-between.

The small arms I supplied went to collectors and museums with the odd ones going for film and photography shoots.
I have done many full restorations and specialize in restoring: wood, metal and leather items along with the conservation of paper items.

Photos of Previous Business Showroom