Tommy Gun Catalog Auction

Auction Item Examples

Below are various examples of items that can be found in our auctions.

Wood & Wood Sets

1928 Wood set in original WW2 wrapping in perfect NOS condition.

1921 Thompson Submachine Gun Front Grip

WW2 Thompson 1928 Wood Set Complete Early Version with Non-Crossbolt Buttstock.

WW2 British Thompson 1928 Buttstock Complete

Parts & Part Kits

M1 Bolt in original WW2 wrapper in perfect NOS condition.

WW2 Thompson 1928 Receiver Internal Parts Set Complete (Early Savage)

WW2 Thompson Parts with Original Tags (5)

WW2 Thompson M1 Receiver Internal Parts Set complete with all NOS parts and has a nickeled bolt, all correct parts for the M1 specifically.

Ammunition Boxes & Crates

Original 1942 dated Winchester complete Ammunition (45 ACP) box labeled for use in Thompson Submachine Guns.

WW2 Evansville Chrysler 45 Caliber Cartridge Wooden Crate – Complete

1930’s – WW2 Frankford Arsenal Signal Cartridge Box

WW2 Russian Lend Lease Ammunition Tin, full and complete. Labelled 11.43 Cal which is the Metric version of 45 ACP.


WW2 M1 Cleaning Kit Complete, all items in perfect NOS condition and correct for the M1.

1921 Thompson Submachine Gun Nickeled Oil Bottle

WW2 1923 Sling in Un-Issued condition, dated and mfg stamped.

WW2 Thompson Cleaning Brushes (2) with Original Boxes

Canvas Items (Pouches & Cases)

Early WW2 Thompson Vehicle Gun Case in early Khaki canvas, in good used condition.

WW2 (Late 1930’s) 50 Round Drum Pouch, in perfect un-Issued condition and is the early non-shoulder strap version, belt loop on back only.

1921 / 1928 Thompson Canvas Cavalry Gun Case – Rusco

WW2 Thompson 30 round Magazine Pouch with Strap

Paper Items

WW2 US War Bond Poster 10 x 14

WW2 Thompson Photo – Press Photo

WW2 Thompson 1928 Parts Drawing – Large Format

1922 Auto-Ordnance Letter to Colt Patent Firearms Co.

Misc. Items

WW2 Print framed, nice print by Philip Ronfor of US Soldiers coming ashore from a landing craft with one of the soldiers carrying a Thompson.

1920’s-1930’s Federal Tear Gas 1.5 inch Cartridge

WW2 US Half Track / Scout Car Thompson Stel Case to hold a Thompson on the outside and (20) 20 round magazines in dividers inside.

1920’s-1930’s Peters Shot Cartridge Display

Multiple Item Groupings

WW2 / Post War grouping from a soldier who was in the Pennsylvania State Guard included are his manual (Thompson FM 23-40) which is stamped plus a unit shoulder patch and a marksman award with a TSMG and Carbine Bar.

Auto-Ordnance Auto-Rifle Paper Grouping (4)

WW2 US Booklet Titled “Our Chinese Ally” Plus a nice large format photo of some Chinese soldiers with their Thompson’s (Manual is original period, photo a repro).

WW2 Auto-Ordnance Advertisement Grouping (#)

Stick & Drum Magazines

LOT 133 – WW2 (Late 1930’s) 20 Round Magazine in un-issued condition, it is the corrected Patent Magazine referred to as the “Maguire Era” Magazine.

1921 Thompson Submachine Gun 50 Round Drum Magazine

20 Round Magazine – British Royal Marines

WW2 Thompson 20 Round Magazines (10) in Box