Tommy Gun Catalog Auction


We sell the auction items World Wide (according to International Laws) and reach the largest group of Thompson collectors at every level of collecting.
We limit our auction items (lots) to items with a value of over $25.00 US, any smaller items can be placed into a grouping to surpass the minimum value rule, please try to group small lots based on a theme not just a bunch of small random items placed together. We try our best to find the most desirable items for our auctions based on item scarcity and quality (condition).

We will not sell reproduction items unless they are clearly identified as such and are a desirable collector’s item, for example a top quality FBI Hardcase can be auctioned as long as it is the highest quality reproduction due to the low number of original versions being available. A reproduction magazine pouch no matter how good will not be sold at auction due to the number of original pouches that are available. We will be the arbitrators of any reproduction items whether they will or will not be allowed to be auctioned.

Please use our email contact to send us a brief email if you have an item(s) to put into an upcoming auction, we will get in touch with you and give you the details of what is needed to place an item intro the auction. The item(s) will be required to be shipped to us for photography and description creation and will then be placed into the following auction that the items fits into (Colt Era / WW2 Era).