Tommy Gun Catalog Auction

Item Preview

Below are several items that will be included in the upcoming auction:

Wood & Wood Sets

Lot 24 – 1928 Wood set in original WW2 wrapping in perfect NOS condition.
LOT 126 – WW2 Thompson 1928 Wood Set Complete Early Version with Non-Crossbolt Buttstock.

Parts & Part Kits

Lot 60 – M1 Bolt in original WW2 wrapper in perfect NOS condition.
LOT 90 – WW2 Thompson M1 Receiver Internal Parts Set complete with all NOS parts and has a nickeled bolt, all correct parts for the M1 specifically.

Ammunition Boxes & Crates

Lot 8 – Original 1942 dated Winchester complete Ammunition (45 ACP) box labeled for use in Thompson Submachine Guns.
LOT 139 – WW2 Russian Lend Lease Ammunition Tin, full and complete. Labelled 11.43 Cal which is the Metric version of 45 ACP.


Lot 20 – WW2 M1 Cleaning Kit Complete, all items in perfect NOS condition and correct for the M1.
LOT 140 – WW2 1923 Sling in Un-Issued condition, dated and mfg stamped.

Canvas Items

Lot 1 – Early WW2 Thompson Vehicle Gun Case in early Khaki canvas, in good used condition.
LOT 205 – WW2 (Late 1930’s) 50 Round Drum Pouch, in perfect un-Issued condition and is the early non-shoulder strap version, belt loop on back only.

Paper Items

Lot 37 – WW2 – 1955 British Small Arms Training Manual Set Vol 1 Pam 21 (4 pcs 1940 / 1942, 1944 / 1955).
LOT 167 – Original WW2 Norwegian Thompson 1928 Manual dated 1943 in un-issued condition.

Misc. Items

Lot 128 – WW2 Print framed, nice print by Philip Ronfor of US Soldiers coming ashore from a landing craft with one of the soldiers carrying a Thompson.
LOT 76 – WW2 US Half Track / Scout Car Thompson Stel Case to hold a Thompson on the outside and (20) 20 round magazines in dividers inside.


Lot 175 – WW2 / Post War grouping from a soldier who was in the Pennsylvania State Guard included are his manual (Thompson FM 23-40) which is stamped plus a unit shoulder patch and a marksman award with a TSMG and Carbine Bar.
LOT 130 – WW2 US Booklet Titled “Our Chinese Ally” Plus a nice large format photo of some Chinese soldiers with their Thompson’s (Manual is original period, photo a repro).


LOT 133 – WW2 (Late 1930’s) 20 Round Magazine in un-issued condition, it is the corrected Patent Magazine referred to as the “Maguire Era” Magazine.