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Lot 130 – WW2 Chinese Paper & Photo Grouping (2)

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WW2 Chinese Thompson paper and photo grouping, a booklet Titled: Our Chinese Ally (printed by the US) and a large photo of Chinese soldiers during the war with Thompson’s all in very good condition.

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WW2 Chinese Paper and Photo grouping (2), the Chinese had a history with the Thompson Submachine Gun just before the break out of WW2 when they were attacked in the Second Sino-Japanese war starting in 1937. Early photos show Chinese Soldiers with many Thompson’s that appear to be Colt 1921 Models and then of course they were supplied with them under the Lend Lease Act and carried on with them after the War into the Korean War all the way up to the Vietnam War.

The grouping consists of a US Government printed 1944 dated booklet titled – Our Chinese Ally with a wonderful front and back cover drawing of a soldier with a Thompson, many photos and information inside, 60 pages plus paper covers in excellent condition. The second item is a large Format Photo (reproduction) of some Chinese Soldiers with what appears to be Colt 1921 Thompson’s, also in excellent condition. Would make a great display and a start of a deeper investigation on the Chinese use of the Thompson Submachine Gun if desired.

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Auction Expired because there were no bids
Auction started June 11, 2022 12:00 pm

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