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Lot 139 – WW2 Russian .45 / 11.43 Caliber Cartridge Case (Tin) – Lend Lease Complete

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WW2 Russian Tin / Case of  45 (11.43 MM) Caliber Cartridges in the original Lend Lease Tin containing  420 cartridges (10 cardboard boxes at 42 rnds each), complete with tin opener in excellent sealed condition.

Estimate – $450.00 – $550.00

Item condition: Used

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WW2 US Lend Lease 45 Caliber Cartridges in the original Tin, complete and unopened with the original key to open it. These tins are referred to as the “sardine  Style” Ammunition Tins do to their shape, sealing and opening style. A common way many different caliber ammunition was package for Russia. Being Lend Lease the boxes inside are plain with no markings and all the cartridges came from Winchester or Remington during the war (no way to know who made these since it is unopened).  Inside are cardboard boxes containing 42 Cartridges each. The only markings are on the top of the tin – 11.43 MM CARTRIDGE PISTOL BALL BRASS CASE, this must have been to be able to denote what is the caliber inside the tin. It is in NOS un-issued perfect condition.

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Auction Expired because there were no bids
Auction started June 11, 2022 12:00 pm

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