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Lot 140 – WW2 1923 Sling – 1942

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WW2  1923 Sling as used on the Thompson for a short time, in un-issued condition with minor soiling, dated and Manufacturer marked.

Estimate – $150.00 – $200.00

Item condition: Used

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The M1923 Sling was initially listed as issued for the 1928 Thompson Submachine Gun, originally being designed for the use on the 1903 and 1917 Rifles and was adopted by the US Military to supplement the M1907 Leather Sling when Leather was running short. The M1923 Sling was part of a “Set” of web gear including a cartridge belt, pistol magazine pouch and a first aid pouch. They were shipped to England on the 1917 Rifles under Lend Lease and are not common and difficult to find. The sling was soon replaced by the Kerr Sling then the M3 Sling, both a much simpler design and to use.

This sling is in NOS un-issued condition but has a couple of very small spots of staining from years of storage otherwise perfect. It is manufacturer stamped – SM Co,. and dated 1942

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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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