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Lot 005 – WW2 Thompson M3 Sling – Factory Tied – Ordnance Depot Supplied

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WW2 Thompson Kerr Sling (correct length) in factory wrapping in un-issued condition with instruction sheet.

Estimate – $100.00-$150.00

Item condition: Used

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Original issue M3 sling which was a mid-war version of the earlier Kerr Sling (M1917) and standard issue for the Thompson Submachine Gun. Shorter then the average Kerr sling (Kerr Slings came in 3-4 lengths for various weapons, the shortest being for Thompson’s). Made of a mustard yellow canvas with blued / blackened metal which is the same as the Kerr Sling but un-marked. Mostly issued for the Thompson M1 and m1A1 models, earlier 1928 Thompson’s used the original Kerr Slings typically.

This sling is in un-issued perfect condition with the original factory tie string and Kerr installation instructions folded and inserted in the middle of the sling. On the outside it is stamped Mildew Proofed R.I Ordnance Depot (Rock Island Ordnance Depot) and then late in the war it was changed to Mildew Resistance Treated (MRT). This was done to try to extend the life of canvas goods used in the hot humid environment of the South Pacific. A better example of this sling is not possible to find.


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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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