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Lot 072 – WW2 Fort Knox Thompson Paper + Photo Grouping (4)

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WW2 Fort Knox Training School Paper and Photo grouping (4), includes 2 photos: 1 reproduction tank crew with weapons including Thompson in color and the other original black and white of the camp shooting range. Then there is a 1942 Fort Knox Newspaper with a Thompson photo in it and finally a soldiers test paper on Thompson’s.

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Item condition: Used

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WW2 Fort Knox, KY Armored Forces School and Replacement Center Paper and Photo Grouping (4), it was  opened in 1940 to train the new generation of Armored “Cavalry” as they were known (Mechanized Cavalry). Part of the training was basic training to all soldiers as Infantry in case of need so they were trained on several small arms and the Thompson was one of them.

This grouping of 4 items includes:

Thompson Submachine Gun “test” which the recruits had to take to see their knowledge of the weapon, it is 2 pages double sided and measures 8.5 inches by 11 inches approximately  in good condition but shows minor soiling and folding.

Reproduction 8 x 10 colorized famous photo of a M# Light Tank Crew bailing out of the tank and ready for combat with a variety of weapons such as a 1928 Thompson loaded with a 50 round drum magazine, it has some information on the back and dated 1942, in excellent condition.

Original 8 inches by 10 inches original 1942 photo of the small arms shooting range on the training school grounds, in excellent condition but has minor wrinkling.

1942 copy of the Schools ‘Newspaper” titled –  THE COURIER JOURNAL   ROTO-MAGAZINE   FORT KNOX SECTION   JULY 26, 1942, in very good condition but folded in the middle horizontally and worn in the fold. It has a few photos of tank crews with Thompson’s, a very nice displayable item and grouping.

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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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