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Lot 188 – 1930’s – WW2 Frankford Arsenal Signal Cartridge Box

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1930’s – WW2 Frankford Arsenal 45 Automatic Signal Cartridges specified for use in the Thompson Submachine Gun, the box is complete in very good condition but only about half of the cartridges are present, shrink wrapped box.

Estimate – $300.00 – $400.00

Item condition: Used

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1930’s Frankford Arsenal 45 ACP Signaling Cartridge Box with some original Cartridge’s, This is a very unusual box and is labeled – 20 CARTRIDGES, SIGNAL, RED, CAL. .45  BULLET SIGNAL (RED) CALIBER .456 (T1E14)   FOR COLT A. P. AND GUN, SUBMACHINE, THOMPSON   AMUMUNITION LOT FA 15   FRANKFORD ARSENAL.  These were originally produced in 1912 for the Signal Corps then by the mid 1920’s they were requested by both the Cavalry and the Coast Guard and then in 1939 were standardized as the M1 Tracer Cartridge – which shared the same projectile (T1E14). By WW2, the Tracer was more of a training aid instead of a Signaling Device, the Military had moved onto large projectiles for signaling.

Excellent condition box with about half of the original Cartridges remaining, Head Stamped FA 34,  shrink wrapped to preserve the box.

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Auction Expired because there were no bids
Auction started June 11, 2022 12:00 pm

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